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Shipping & Billing

All Canadian deliveries will be dispatched by DHL Global Mail. We accept both US and Canadian credit card banks, as well as US and CA billing addresses.

Your order will ship from Rockport’s North American distribution center in Cincinnati, Ohio. At time of checkout, you will be pre-paying all fees which includes the shipping charges, country taxes, and duties. This price quote is based upon the national laws of the USA and Canada. All shipping fees, duties and taxes will be paid at the time of order. There are no additional shipping charges or fees that you will incur after order placement. Please note that all transactions will be settled in USD at time of order shipment.

Should you have any questions about your order or our shipping & billing process please contact us at 1-800-828-0545 (charges apply).

DHL Global Mail

We endeavor to deliver your order 4-8 business days after the order is processed, pending order acceptance. Your processed order will be confirmed to you by email. Orders are shipped cross-border from the US. Please note that the above cost quoted is complete and includes all delivery charges, duties and brokerage fees. There are no added shipping costs or hidden fees.

Note: Business days are Monday – Friday. Holidays are excluded.